christian bale diet

The Christian Bale Diet – Not What You Might Think…

If you’re looking for the “Christian Bale diet”, you’re at the right place. He certainly doesn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to his diet and workouts, does he? This article will cover how to close the gap on that perfect look you want. Food is basically the fuel our bodies use for everything […]

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how to lose man boobs

How To Lose Man Boobs And Prevent Them From Coming Back

“How to lose man boobs“, is a question you seldom heard a century ago. Having man boobs can be quite embarrassing. Remember George Costanza’s father in the popular sitcom Seinfeld, and how he suffered from having moobs? While the sitcom episode took a hilarious take on the entire subject, those who have male breasts, or are “bossomy” like […]

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ways to stay healthy

Top 5 Trendy Ways To Stay Healthy In 2014

Sometimes, it may seem a bit overwhelming when you start considering various ways to stay healthy. Most people dread the fact that staying healthy means having to invest lots of effort and lots of hours week in and week out. Well, if you are totally satified with the body and life you have today, keep […]

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acai berry cleanse

Everything You Need To Know About The Acai Berry Cleanse

A drastic change in people’s dietary habits has led to the need for great body cleansers that remove all the toxins from the body. One such product is the acai berry cleanse. Owing to the huge number of similar products available in the market today, many people question if this product lives up to its […]

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collagen supplements

Collagen Supplements For Lasting Youth and Beauty?

Collagen supplements have become a big industry because of our need to look young and beautiful. This need is common across both genders, but more so in females it seems. Over the last decades there have been numerous advancements in technology, medicines, cosmetic surgeries and supplement. Today we are presented a multitude of solutions when […]

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pasta salad dressing

Pasta Salad Dressing Recipes Made Easy And Healthy

Pasta salad dressing, when made right, is the topping that turns almost any ordinary pasta meal into a great one. My experience is that adding a splash or drizzle of dressing is the final touch that transforms a pasta salad from something good to something sensational. There are countless dressings from sweet and scented ones […]

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routine to get ripped fast

Routine To Get Ripped Fast And 7 Fitness Tips

Do you want a routine to get ripped fast? Well, we’re going to talk more about various workouts in the coming weeks and months in the HLO blog. I think you will find fitness being something I’m really passionate about, and I hope you will be too. Summer is a few months away, but I […]

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how to make potato salad

How To Make Potato Salad Healthy And Tasty

“How to make potato salad” is a very frequently asked question online, especially before two major holidays, Christmas and 4th of July. A potato salad is one of the most filling and appetizing dishes. You can easily use it as a side dish to accompany a salad or as part of a potluck all year. […]

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healthy dessert

Healthy Desserts – Top 5 List For Athletes In 2014

Healthy desserts add taste to your life, just as colors add happiness. The proof? Just check out the picture to the right… Being an athlete doesn’t mean there are no desserts to add taste in your life. It is true that the variety is not as broad as for non athletes, because you have to […]

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4 Hr Body

4 Hr Body Provides Low Bodyfat While Eating Senseless

Have you ever read the book by Tim Ferriss called the 4 Hr Body? If you have, you know what a great book this is and why it should have a place in your private library. I’m a bit of a health freak, and love everything that has to do with enhancing our physical appearance, […]

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