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gingko biloba

Ginkgo Biloba – A Natural Memory Pill For Limitless Fans

This tree is a one of a kind, and originates from China. They are relatively big trees with a height of 20-35 meters and some can reach as high as 50 meters. Their roots run deep in the ground, and the leaves are pretty charismatic; fan-shaped with veins radiating out into the blade of the leaf and […]

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fennel bulbs

Increased Sex Drive! Relief From Snakebites! What Is Fennel???

Fennel is a hard, seemingly everlasting, herb that has yellow flowers and feathery leaves. It’s an umberliferous herb, meaning it’s of the same family as parsley, celery, dill, carrot and others alike. It grows wild mostly in temperate parts of Europe, but considered native to the shores of the Mediterranean. It’s a highly aromatic and flavorful herb, […]

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eucalyptus oil

13 Things Eucalyptus Oil Can Help Treat. I Use It For #5 Myself…

The eucalyptus leaf is widely used for infections (including dental infections), fever, stomach pains and it is great for loosening coughs. Yup,  it is very versatile and often used for treating: respiratory tract infections. whooping cough. asthma. pulmonary tuberculosis. osteoarthritis. rheumatism. acne. wounds. ulcers. dysentery ringworms. liver and gallbladder problems. and loss of appetite. What […]

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dill seeds

Dill Seeds Have Better Uses Than Just For Witchcraft!

Dill is a native of southern Russia, western Africa and the Mediterranean region. It has wispy and fernlike leaves that have a soft and sweet taste. The dill grows in about 40-60 cm with slender hollow stems and alternate, finely divided, soft delicate leaves of 10-20 cm long. The flowers of the dill are white […]

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dandelion root

How To Make Dandelion Root Tea, Reaping All Its Benefits…

Dandelion is a native to Eurasia, as well as North and South America. The common name dandelion is given to members of the genus; they have very small flowers collected together into a composite flower head. The leaves of the dandelion have a size of 5-25 cm long. The flower heads are yellow to orange […]

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uses for coconut oil

9 Uses For Coconut Oil That Might Surprise You. I Sure Like #5 All Year Long!

The health benefits that coconut oil gives can include: hair care. skin care. stress relief. cholesterol level maintenance. weight loss. boosting the immune system. proper digestion. regulation of metabolism. reversing Alzheimer disease (watch video below). Uses For Coconut Oil Range From Hair Growth And Beauty, To Weight Loss And Immune Boosting The uses for coconut […]

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