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Will You Have Better Sex When Drinking Guarana Antarctica?

The fruit changes its color from brown to red, and has black seeds inside partially covered by white arils. When the fruit splits open, it looks like an eyeball. Kinda cool, I think! :) Mixing a teaspoon of guarana powder with a cup of cold water, and adding some agave nectar, and you will have […]

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goldenseal root

33 Conditions Goldenseal Root Can Help Treat. I Bet You Know People Who Need Help With #8!

If you’ve never seen it, the goldenseal root has a yellow, thick knotted rootstock in which the stem is pretty hairy-looking. Above the ground the color is purple,  and below the ground its color is yellow. This goldenseal herb has two palmate, hairy leaves with 5 to 7 two-toothed lobes. It’s got singular, small, ordinary flowers with […]

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gingko biloba

Ginkgo Biloba – A Natural Memory Pill For Limitless Fans

This tree is a one of a kind, and originates from China. They are relatively big trees with a height of 20-35 meters and some can reach as high as 50 meters. Their roots run deep in the ground, and the leaves are pretty charismatic; fan-shaped with veins radiating out into the blade of the leaf and […]

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fennel bulbs

Increased Sex Drive! Relief From Snakebites! What Is Fennel???

Fennel is a hard, seemingly everlasting, herb that has yellow flowers and feathery leaves. It’s an umberliferous herb, meaning it’s of the same family as parsley, celery, dill, carrot and others alike. It grows wild mostly in temperate parts of Europe, but considered native to the shores of the Mediterranean. It’s a highly aromatic and flavorful herb, […]

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