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Healthy ways to lose weight

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight and switching to a healthier diet has become a growing worldwide trend, mostly because of a large number of obvious health problems found with obese people. Still, many…

Infographic about what are antioxidants and why are they so important

What Are Antioxidants and Why Are They So Important

The infographic “Antioxidants: Why are they so Important?” graphically displays many important facts and stats about how antioxidants help combat free radicals in the body and how they help you…

Helath benefits of fresh berry smoothies

5 Health Benefits of Fruit Smoothies

There are many health benefits of blending fruit into smoothies because fruit has so much to offer. Fruits can give your body things like fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin…

Eating a healthy breakfast will extend your life

Top Reasons To Take Care of Your Body

Nowadays, people have a habit of abusing their own bodies. One of the most common ways is through non-stop work. Individuals who don’t let their body rest for an hour,…

Whats in your cheese platter

What Exactly Is In Your Cheese?

Psychologists say that, there has been an explosion of this emotion on most people which is disgust. Disgust is one of the six (6) basic emotions of people along with…

Good nutrition leads to a healthy smile

The Role Nutrition Plays in Dental Health

Dental health is not only important in terms of how your mouth functions on a daily basis, as it also plays a role in the general health of your body….

Pastry and high blood pressure

High Fructose Diets and High Blood Pressure

It’s common knowledge that diets rich in sodium raise blood pressure, but a new study has found that diets rich in fructose and other sugars also put blood pressure on…

Active woman getting over anxiety

Conquering Anxiety through Diet and Exercise

Anxiety is a tough customer that often would bring danger to the health. Millions of people suffer from anxiety as it is the most common mental health threat. When you…

Caveman paleo diet

Paleo for Effective Fat Loss and Improved Overall Health

One of the most quoted advices about nutrition among fitness aficionados and experts is that you shouldn’t eat anything that does not swim, run, fly or isn’t green and grow…

Senior Couple Enjoying Beach Holiday Running Down Dune

What Makes an Older Man’s Nutrition Different?

Why is it so important that we take a good look at nutrition especially when it is about the elderly? Why can’t we just nonchalantly eat whatever is available and…