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Why Alfalfa Tablets Ought To Be In Your Diet

It has pinnate trifoliate leaves, grayish to green, with leaflets that are shaped like eggs, kinda looking like a large clover. It produces flowers which are violet to purple in color, encasing seed pods that are coiled spirally, looking very beautiful. This plant can be of high benefit to your health when refined and made into […]

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Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil For Cold Sores And 16 Other Things To Use It For

Tea tree oil or melaleuca oil is called an essential oil, taken from the leaves of a tea tree plant. It has a camphor-like odor, and the color varies from colorless and clear, to pale yellow. Tea tree oil should not be confused with tea oil and cooking oil, since it’s kinda toxic when taken […]

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Why You Should Use Valerian Root (Not Just To Get High)

The stem is wrinkled and hollow with a height of 120 cm. Its leaves are close near the base. The fruit is encapsulating the compacted seed, and aside from the flowers having a peculiar smell, the plant as a whole has a putrid smell much noticeable when scratched. What Is Taking Valerian Capsules Good For? […]

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The Best Appetite Stimulant To Gain Weight

You probably see them everyday, feeling a bit annoyed by it. You know, the ads that tell you about the latest weight loss product. And it frustrates you – because losing weight is not what you need! Yup, all the rage these days is about people trying to lose weight, thus there are a lot of […]

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