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The health benefits that coconut oil gives can include: hair care. skin care. stress relief. cholesterol level maintenance. weight loss. boosting the immune […]

The black cohosh root has been found to have the some effects similar to the female hormone estrogen. Depending on the person using […]


If you’re unhappy with your health or figure, or perhaps you’ve been advised to lose weight for medical reasons, taking action to shed […]

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What are herbal remedies? Well, natural herbal remedies are nature's remedies for common infections, diseases and ailments as well as a way for us to stay healthy naturally.

Before there was conventional medicine there was nature. Our ancestors did't have medi-centers to go to whenever they were sick - they relied on a healthy diet and the remedies that nature provided. In modern society we are so busy that we tend to eat what's convenient not necessarily what is healthy.

hlo faviconAnd when our body starts to break down due to bad nutrition, disease or toxins we tend to head to the pharmacy for pills or medicine. By incorporating many natural foods into your diet you can remedy current ailments you may have and prevent new ones from occurring.

Before taking any herbal remedy, please check with your family physician to make sure that it won't interfere with any medical conditions or medicines you may be taking.