What Healthy Living Online Is All About…

Hi, how are you? I'm Tom Aagesen! If you have questions like:

“How can I get fitter and healthier after having turned 35 years old?”

“How can I work out when I am a busy parent?”

“How can I have energy to build my career and also be fit?”

“How can I possibly get fit when I'm injured (or have a medical condition)?”

Or if you just want to know why health is directly connected to success in all aspects of life, and how you can leverage having great fitness to get better relationships, more success in your career and maybe even develop a higher IQ…

…Then this is the blog for you!


This Is How Healthy Living Online Helps Awaken Your Inner Super Healthy Giant

I work on this blog with beliving that everyone who want to look, feel and perform their best in todays society…

…absolutely can achieve their goal!

But living in our fast-paced, constantly distracting society, there is a NEED for easy-to-do tips, tricks and strategies within the world of diet, fitness, mindset and time management.

There is so much noise in the world. This blog's mission is to create some “healthy noise” and overcome bad noise that makes our lives harder than it ought to be. I want to be your go-to source of natural dieting and fitness information…

…educating you…

…ridding the possibility of ever getting sidetracked again.

Let me ask you; do you ever feel that somewhere inside of you, a successful giant, like an incredible fitter version of yourself, is waiting to be awakened?

Well, it's common to feel like that.

Most of us are not anywhere near the max of our physical and mental potential. Thus, we yearn for something that we can't really define, but that we know we ought to have and be.

Actually most people feel like this. It's more common to be overweight today than it is to be healthy and fit. It's also more common to be an under-achiever than it is to be a peak performer.

Why is it like that?

What are we doing wrong? Well, I believe that most people have a bigger potential with their lives than what they display at the current moment. I believe in the HIME principle (short for High Impact Minimal Effort).

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