Healthy Desserts – Top 5 List For Athletes In 2014

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Healthy desserts add taste to your life, just as colors add happiness. The proof? Just check out the picture to the right… :D

Being an athlete doesn’t mean there are no desserts to add taste in your life. It is true that the variety is not as broad as for non athletes, because you have to take many things under consideration when you plan your diet.

The most important thing is to look at the combination you are adding to your diet so that you are taking the right amount of minerals, proteins, fiber, vitamins and so on.

It is important for athletes to have a nutritious diet no matter what the situation is, even when adding a dessert to the menu!

For athletes, it is important to avoid typical desserts made up of sugar, flour, butter and certains oils. These are not suitable ingredients for an active lifestyle.

So for all the athletes out there, it is very important for you to go for those healthy desserts which are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers. As you will see from our top 5 list, healthy fruit desserts are extremely good and beneficial, all rich in nutritients you need.

First off is an awesome banana ice cream recipe, which is one of the best healthy desserts we’ve ever seen. Yay!

#1 of Healthy Desserts 2014: Frozen Banana Ice Cream Bomb

To make banana ice cream, you need to freeze some ripe banana. After peeling them, cut them into small chunks just like in the video made by

healthy desserts

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Then, blend those frozen pieces together with some peanut butter in a blender at high speed. Add a bit soy milk or almond milk. Keep blending until it appears in the form of soft cream.

For further taste, add cocoa powder and blend. As for topping you can crumble some healthy cookies and sprinkle upon. You can also use strawberries or cherries on top, as this will add colors and taste to your dessert. :)

Bananas are a great source of potassium and iron, both important minerals for your blood. Yuk, not a word you want to hear when talking about dessert!

But for athletes it is very important to get enough of it, as they lose it during heavy sweating when working out. Those healthy fruit desserts that are rich in potassium and other minerals will help keep proper muscular function.

#2 of Healty Desserts 2014: Easy Chocolate Brownies

Another option for athletes is to try one of the many healthy chocolate desserts. For instance, I love chocolate brownies which contains nuts and dried fruits.

You can make youself even without using a food processor. Just add an equal amount of walnuts, dates and pecan nuts together with organic pastery flour. Then add a bit cocoa powder, sea salt, vanilla extracts, chocolate chips, olive oil and baking soda.

Bake it according to the recipe in the video above. There are also tons of other ones to be found online. Just make sure to swap suger for stevia when the recipe says to use sugar.

That’s the major trick to most healthy desserts!

Stevia is very potent though, so you need way less of it than whatever amounts of suger the recipe says to use.

Using different nuts would increase taste. While making healthy desserts, dry fruits are helpful as they increase the level of energy. As we all know, the athlete sure needs lots of energy.

For those athletes who prefer healthy fruit desserts, try adding them into your brownies. This is a good combination because natural fruits are a great source of many required nutrients that your body needs.

Dried fruits when mixed or blended with fresh fruits like berries make a delicious mixture that can be used together with a low calorie dessert such as this brownie recipe.

#3 of Healthy Desserts 2014: Tasty Sweet Protein Pudding

Typically, many athletes are looking for low calorie treats, but with extra protein to their diet. Well, there is a dessert we really like and has named it The Tasty Sweet Protein Pudding.

Yup, among healthy desserts this particular treat is very high in protein.

Athletes can go for this treat without worrying much about the calori intake. To get variation for their tastebuds, athletes can easily add it to their dessert list and in the process even gain an extra amount of needed protein. This recipe is also easy to add to any type of protein diet (a topic we discussed in another post).

protein pudding

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To perform your best when exercising, and to regenerate after you’ve worked out, it is important for you to gain the right amount of all the proteins that you need.

This healthy pudding is helpful in such, as it’s an protein laden recipe.

Aside for stevia, honey can also be used as a sweetener. This is a very good sweetener. Much better than ordinary white suger. For healthy chocolate dessert lovers, you can add cocoa powder as well.

All athletes should have this one on their list of healthy desserts, and add it into their diet plan.

#4 of Healthy Desserts 2014: Pure Fruit Smoothie

The next best alternative is fresh fruits which are the most perfect low calorie desserts, and the easiest way to make those healthy desserts is in the form of smoothies.

Include all types of fruits. They contain abundance of vitamins, minerals and fiber. A good blend is apple, pine apple, honey melon and watermelon. These fruits can be transformed into the most perfectly healthy desserts. Not just for athletes, but for anyone looking to be healthier.

On the other hand, strawberries, rasp berries, cherries and blue berries provide a wonderful combination, and can be counted among the most tasteful and healthy desserts.

You can blend in all of them together or separately in the form of smoothies or shake.

There are no limits to what fruits you can blend together! Use the comment field below to share you favorite recipe!

Always remember that sugar is not good for you.

Try to avoid using sugar and go for natural sweetener which is present in the fruit. Moreover, some fruits contain water that is helpful for athletes who need to replenish fluids that are lost during workouts. They are rich in carbohydrates as well which are necessary for energy.

Fresh fruits are the best natural low calorie desserts because you need not add any flavors to it. This is because they are naturally sweetened. This is healthier than all artificial sweeteners out there, which we recommend to never use.

If you want more energy into your life, with a fitter body and stronger immune system, then more fruits added to your diet is a good option.

#5 of Health Desserts 2014: Healthy Vegan Cheese Cake

Among all these healthy desserts, we have another one we like to include: The healthy vegan cheese cake. Don’t worry, this one is not high sugar based or have a high fat filling cream.

Follow the recipe in this video made by, using raw cashews, agave nectar, lemon juice, vanilla essence and cocnut oil.

Crunch some walnuts and dates and use them as a bottom layer of the cake. Pour the mixture on top, and bake it in a cake form. After that, leave them in the fridge so that it cools down.

low calorie desserts

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Other things that can be added to it are pumpkins, fruits, cocoa or peanut butter. For increased protein you can add crushed nuts. For topping, use fresh berries so that it looks appealing to you.

Don’t forget, there are many more healthy desserts that can be added to this healthy desserts list for athletes. Our list of top 5 healthy desserts for athletes is what we want to include ourselves to our diets for 2014. What about you?

They are all really healthy and yummy, and they provide various ways to sprinkle your diet with more fun and excitement!

All the items mentioned above are healthy and mostly fresh. Not to mention that they are energizing and tasty.

So, all the athletes out there, do not worry about adding tasty healthy desserts into your life. Avoid the idea that you can’t have any type of desserts. You know, enjoying youself has its own importance and is needed by all human beings. Even the most serious athletes among us.

No matter if you are an athlete or not. You have a life and you need to have the tasty stuff in your diet as well. We think that this will further help you towards a better healthier life. Because really, life seems to be a bit  incomplete without desserts, don’t you think?

Treats, in some form or another, are very important to all the human beings now and again. What better way to treat yourself than with a healthy dessert?

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