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Workout Plans For Women Who Want That Feminine Look

Workout plans for women should in my opinion evolve around creating a perfectly slim and feminine physique. I think most women aspire to look more like Jessica Biel, than a typical female bodybuilder. And there are certain workouts for women that is used to get that feminine and slim body, and in this post you’ll […]

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how to shed fat

How To Shed Fat With An All Bodyweight Circuit Session

You need to learn how to shed fat if you want to look your best. That’s just the way things are. When that fatty ass and flabby belly are gone, your muscle tone pops and you’ll look good. :) Yes, the trick is to not only learn how to shed fat, but also how to […]

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how to lose weight fast

How To Lose Weight Fast With Water And 4 Other Tips…

The journey through a weight loss program is quite a huge challenge. It’s always a hard thing for anyone to accomplish. Even though you may have seen people go through a weight loss program seemingly without much effort, it is not always the case with most of them. Weight loss, just like weight gain, should […]

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how to lose excess bodyweight

How To Lose Excess Bodyweight

Learning how to lose excess bodyweight is a tough one for many people, especially for people who claim to not have the time or the health to workout. Sure, our bodies can be quite weird, and we are individuals with a unique genetic makeup – so for some people, it may seem that their bodies […]

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Tips on How to Lose Lovehandles

One the biggest problems, or the final frontier if you will, that people usually encounter when losing weight, is losing their lovehandles. You probably know the feeling of that darn stubborn fats that are located above the hips. Most of us do. Me too. Sadly, you can’t actually target the deposits of fats in your […]

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Workout Schedule For Men Who Demand Nothing But The Best

I luckily stumbled upon a fantastic workout schedule for men a while back. This male workout plan taught me how to build muscles as well as how to burn fat. At the same time! This is for you if you think it’s a good idea to use time saving and tailored workouts for men, for […]

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Old School Arms: The Best Arm Workouts You’ve Ever Seen

If you’re looking for some of the best arm workouts available, then I have a treat for you in this post. In this article you’ll find what I think is one of the best arm workouts tailored for all guys that want good looking and strong arms. A probable macro assignment or key to building […]

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no love handles

4 Easy Tips On How To Lose Love Handles. I Like #2 The Most Myself!

How to lose love handles might be the hardest part of your weight loss journey. “Love handles” are stubborn fats that are located above the hips. Some say they’re aptly named for being convinient handles to pull when making love. I have no experience with that (pulling love handles, that is), so I can’t say […]

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best chest workout

5 Best Chest Workout Exercises Ever

Being someone who takes care of myself, having visual evidence of being fit, I sometimes get asked what the best chest workout is. I get it, most people are sick and tired of not achieving the results they want in their training regime, and if that applies to you and your workouts, then you’re at […]

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