Don’t Feel Guilty About Pampering Yourself

Healthy lifestyles and the benefits of spa treatments

Pampering is Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

There are times in life when every woman would rather just sit back, unwind and be thoroughly spoiled than get on with the laundry or have to face office paperwork. If you find yourself craving a little down time, don’t feel guilty about pampering yourself to the max. There are actually huge health benefits to treating yourself to a massage or manicure. Those indulgent spa treatments can have huge advantages to your well-being.

Why You Should Spoil Yourself

The most indulgent part of a spa treatment is getting the time to completely relax. A therapeutic treatment like a massage or reflexology will relax and soothe you, whilst a steam room stint or half an hour in the hot tub can physically wash away any tension or worries.

Aches and pains of the body often come from physiological tensions, so letting go of any stresses that are on your mind can really help your body as a whole. Some sufferers of back and shoulder pain effectively use massage treatments to overcome their ailment instead of painkillers.

A massage therapist can tell you which parts of your body are most tense and work on these in repeated treatments or give advice on posture and relaxation techniques to complete at home and continue alleviating these muscular knots.

Through acupressure, reflexologists can pinpoint any health issues you may have with organs in your body too – meaning you can adjust your lifestyle or seek medical advice even before you suffer any physical illnesses.

Other Benefits of Spa Treatments

There are other mental benefits to spa treatments aside from stress relief. Choose an invigorating treatment like a body or face scrub will wake you up and give you a boost of self-confidence. Regular spa treatments will also help your self-esteem.

One of the more sophisticated health benefits of relaxing spa breaks is the detoxification process which takes place. This is the process of releasing excess fluids from your body, eliminating bloating and water retention. Massage is particularly good for this.

Improved circulation and healthier blood pressure can also be gained through spa treatments like massage, hydrotherapy and reflexology, and can reduce the risk of diseases like arthritis by focusing on specific pressure points across the body. Spending time on a spa class like Yoga or Pilates will help in achieving better breathing and increased flexibility of your whole body, as well as helping with a peaceful state of mind.

Then there are the aesthetic benefits, which in turn help you feel good, such as facials and skin treatments which can all help you look younger.

For those who have trouble sleeping, spa treatment can also be beneficial. A mind and body free from stress and tension is less likely to have trouble getting the full 7-8 hours’ sleep a night that our body really needs to be in tip-top condition. You may find that having a massage is the only real way to reach such a state of deep relaxation, so such a treatment should not be treated as an indulgence but rather as a necessity!

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