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Plate for weight loss

15 Easy-To-Follow Ideas for Weight Gainers

Let’s admit. Most of us have at some point of time in our lives faced health issues related to weight gain. With a constant bombardment of in your face advertisements and shelves loaded with enticing packaged foods, we indulge in making unhealthy eating decisions way more than it is good for our body, mind, and […]

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Caveman paleo diet

Paleo for Effective Fat Loss and Improved Overall Health

One of the most quoted advices about nutrition among fitness aficionados and experts is that you shouldn’t eat anything that does not swim, run, fly or isn’t green and grow in the ground. And that basically what Paleo, aka the eating philosophy that we should mimic our ancestors, is about. This eating strategy is simple, […]

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Sugar in Foods Infographic

Sugar is not only sweet, but also highly addicting. High-sugar diets lead the way to food addiction, obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. In today’s sugar-obsessed America, high-fructose corn syrup, a cheap sweetener derived from corn, is the superstar. But are you aware of how much sugar, mostly in the form of fructose, […]

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Top Tips For A Quick Beach Body

Let’s face it girls, not many of us have a beach body that we feel we can be proud of. The first step for your beach body is to learn to love your curves and the way you’re beautifully built! Remember, there’s nobody on that beach like you, you’re one in a million! There are […]

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Anti Aging Secrets of a Raw Food Diet

One of the main benefits of a raw food diet is that it can actually improve our longevity. Raw food diets are healthy and beneficial in many ways. When we are overweight, that extra weight adds stress to our bodies, as well as shortening our lifespan by contributing to any number of weight related illnesses […]

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Don’t Lose Sleep Over Losing Weight

If you’re unhappy with your health or figure, or perhaps you’ve been advised to lose weight for medical reasons, taking action to shed the pounds can be daunting. Weight loss is enviably daunting, with the thought of strict exercise schedules and tasteless diet food enough to turn anyone’s stomach. Did you realize however, there are […]

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Foods That Cause Bloating

Nobody likes bloating and therefore it is best if it can be avoided. Yet so many people don’t understand the phenomena of bloating. You may ask why one should, but it is only by having a grasp of the concept that one can sufficiently prevent the very few things that no one likes to think […]

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3 Rules to Eating Healthier

There are many diet blogs, regimes, and bits of advice. Most will advocate eating more fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains. Many will advocate a reduction in saturated fats, refined sugars, caffeine, and alcohol. Complicated formulas of caloric intake and output, base metabolic rate, along with body mass index charts may all be part of the […]

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Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat – Carbs Do

An interesting statement and one which many debate, but how can this be? You wouldn’t choose a packet of pork scratching’s over a bowl of pasta surely? If it’s weight loss you’re after then in actual fact you’re more likely to lose weight by choosing the pork scratching’s, but that doesn’t mean you’re healthy!!! So […]

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Don’t Talk About It – Do It! Tips To Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

So its 2013 and you made the promise to lose some weight. Getting started with weightloss can be tricky. Many articles recommend dieting and just about as many discourage it. Exercise is a widely accepted method of weight loss, but where do you start, and what kind of exercising is appropriate? Are you ready to begin the quest? If you’re feeling […]

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Online Weight Loss Programs

It’s January and the majority of us are making/have made the New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Why not utilize technology and use an online weight loss management tool? I’ve reviewed a few (because I need one too) to see who can help me to reduce weight and give me sound diet tips and tools […]

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