Boxing 101 – A Greenhorn’s Perspective

Inventing the Face Re-Arranger

A name given to me by one of our faithful leaders Nick, he gave all of us names. By any means, all of were worn with pride. “So are you really going to fight? Like in a ring? How big is the other guy/girl?”

Typical questions I heard for about 3 months or so leading down the road to the inaugural and aptly named ‘RESTAURANT RUMBLE’ in July of 2012.

I wanted to learn to box, plain and simple. As an admirer of what I’ve always considered a ‘noble’ sport, it just made sense to grab hold of the opportunity to learn it firsthand.

Boxing Nutrition

I had some good days, and many bad. Feeling weak at times made me look at what I ate in the previous 24 hours, how much sleep I got, and my hydration level.  A little water is helpful, but a lot of water will make all the difference.  My body acted very strangely toward food in the beginning.

I’m the type of person that can ALWAYS eat, sick, tired, rundown, whatever. But after a two hour sweat session, I would go home with the notion that eating was the next obvious step, and barely be able to choke back a protein shake, energy bar, or piece of fruit. It took a good 2 hours before my body gave my brain the ‘go ahead’ to eat a meal.

Most days your brain wants you to eat healthy, but it’s your body that truly craves the right nutrients. And if you’ve ever done any type of regular exercise, you’ve most likely experienced the healthy cravings.

Training and Sleep

My body cried out for me to get more sleep, but I didn’t listen as often as I should have. During those months of training, my sleep cycle became a constant game of cat and mouse. And it showed, in every aspect on any given day. Sleep being something so natural and easy to succumb to, can just as easily slip away from your grasp. Time was definitely not on my side. More like my work – training schedules did not make a congruent partnership.

The importance of sleep is much bigger than many people will admit or even agree with. Busy lives, jobs, family, etc, will always leave sleep low on the priority list. The need to recharge your mind, rest your muscles, and rebuild the damage that life’s stresses and worries can cause is often overlooked. I firmly believe that you need to get a proper rest in order to function.

I ran on around 3-5 hours of sleep at night during the week and started forcing naps into my afternoons just so I could function to go to work at night. But it was painfully obvious when I was in the gym in the morning working on something with one of my coaches, that I had gotten very little rest the night before. By the time my day off came, I crashed and burned.

There was not much choice in the matter for what I had to pull off in the time I had to do it, but if I was to do it all over again, I would change my schedule so that I could sleep!

No matter what you are working towards, you should always keep your well-being a priority. Healthy eating habits and proper rest will help you achieve your maximum potential.

Samm Rabby is Vancouver’s newest amateur boxer having recently fought in The Restaurant Rumble – a fundraiser for Apron for Gloves. In addition to boxing training, she’s interested in natural health and nutrition.