Anti Aging Secrets of a Raw Food Diet

One of the main benefits of a raw food diet is that it can actually improve our longevity. Raw food diets are healthy and beneficial in many ways.

When we are overweight, that extra weight adds stress to our bodies, as well as shortening our lifespan by contributing to any number of weight related illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Raw food diets are low in fat, so they help people maintain a healthy weight, especially since they contain no refined sugars or processed foods.

Raw foods are nutritionally dense so when you eat them, you’re getting almost 100% nutrients and nothing extra. The more nutrients your body receives the better it will run, so your immune system will be stronger.

Cooked and processed foods contain carcinogens such as acrylamides or mutagens, which can adversely affect our health. Want to look and feel younger? Raw foods let you avoid those things along with potentially harmful preservatives, dyes, and additives—plus, you can’t beat the fact that they are full of antioxidants, which actually help fight off the signs of aging (think wrinkles, etc.) in our bodies.

If further proof is needed, meet Bernando LaPallo. At 109 years, old Bernando is living proof that a raw food diet is effective at combating the signs of aging. Bernando’s diet for most of his life has been a raw vegan diet. Other secrets to his long life are his daily walks and the fact that he only drinks pure water and doesn’t let stress affect him.

Bernando attributes his diet as the main reason for his long life and excellent health, and says that he has never been sick. He’s outlived some of his children and is still going strong. How’s THAT for combating aging?

Whether you are raw, vegan, neither, or anything else, you can certainly benefit from including more fresh and raw vegetables into your diet. Please enjoy this guest post from Jade, the “no nonsense” raw food lady.

  • I think one of the things that puts people off ‘raw food’ is that it is all cold. In fact, as I understand you CAN warm things to a certain temperature – just so that the ingredients do not get cooked. I tried a raw food soup and it was lovely.

  • Nice piece on raw food..I try to include a lot of raw food in my diet!