The 9/11 Anniversary – A Day In My Life In 2001

9/11 anniversary… I remember very well how I experienced the tragic 9/11 back in 2001. I live in Norway, but regardless of the vast distance between here and USA, I felt the 9 11 attack as the scariest and most threatening event ever. I was on my way to work, sitting in my car listening to the […]

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Phils Teeth Whitening Story

I was never one to worry about what people say or even think of me, but of late I notice that I had become overly self conscious about my appearance [watch why in the video]… Click here for a free teeth whitening home kit now To be more precise, the dismal state of my pearly […]

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teeth whitening home kits

Get Healthier Using Teeth Whitening Home Kits (free in UK)

The skanky discoloration of teeth due to the normal aging process… Don’t you just hate it? I do too, but I’ve found there is hope (and hidden benefits) with teeth whitening home kits… This discoloration can also be caused by poor oral hygiene, medication, tobacco use, and the kind of food and drinks you consume. Fact […]

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bruce lee jack of all trades

Getting Good At One Thing At A Time…

When I watched the movie Warrior yesterday, I remembered something I read Bruce Lee once said about how to get success. I’ve also heard this “secret” from Tim Sales, who is one of the big leaders and mentors in the direct sales industry. Heck, you’ll hear this from most successful people who live their lives […]

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How To Prepare Subconsciously For Success

Are you doing everything you can to succeed in life? Maybe you are, but are you also doing it subconsciously? Have your heard about this special technique on how to get success from a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? It’s about how to alter oneself to always think positively and develop […]

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The Best Chest Workout Routine For A Massive Chest

I’m doing my chest workout routine today. Seems people either love these days at the gym, or absolutely hate them! Either way, a big massive chest gets respect, it’s a great symbol of strength, and it’s a highly valued attribute all bodybuilders wants to perfect. Below I’ll show a chest program I bet you’ll love (called the Critical Bench […]

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money problems

Rid Your Money Problems And Rise In The New Economy

There are lots of opportunities for you that just might let you rid your money problems. In the economical crisis the world is in right now you can’t afford to not pay attention anymore. The world is changing and you better make sure to not be left behind. Chances are good that you’ve been affected by the […]

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Overcoming Fear To Have Success In Business

Eric Worre is spot on in this video about overcoming fear and how to succeed. I think it’s fair to say that every human wish to succeed in life, and to do so it seems like we have to do a certain thing. Overcoming fear! Success can be defined in many different ways, but for […]

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Does the idea of having to fly leave you absolutely terrified? Don’t worry, it is a very common problem and happens to many people. However, a certain “TAKEOFF program” and these simple steps can help you to get rid of your fear of flying. 1. Step onto the Air Plane with knowledge: Anxiety thrives on […]

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A Biased, But Honest GVO Autoresponder Review

Of all the email autoresponder services I’ve used the last six years, the GVO autoresponder is my favorite. In the video below, you’ll also see a fellow blogger, Mike Hobbs, talk about why this autoresponder is a preferable choice among serious business owners. When I first started marketing online, I began using the Aweber autoresponder. Later […]

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Old School vs New School Marketing

It seems like ever since the internet became a way of generating income for businesses, people have been debating old school vs new school marketing. For a while I also stood the ground, claiming that new school marketing was the bomb and people should start making en effort to succeed online. Old School vs New School Is […]

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