Phils Teeth Whitening Story

I was never one to worry about what people say or even think of me, but of late I notice that I had become overly self conscious about my appearance [watch why in the video]… Click here for a free teeth whitening home kit now To be more precise, the dismal state of my pearly […]

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teeth whitening home kits

Get Healthier Using Teeth Whitening Home Kits (free in UK)

The skanky discoloration of teeth due to the normal aging process… Don’t you just hate it? I do too, but I’ve found there is hope (and hidden benefits) with teeth whitening home kits… This discoloration can also be caused by poor oral hygiene, medication, tobacco use, and the kind of food and drinks you consume. Fact […]

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How To Prepare Subconsciously For Success

Are you doing everything you can to succeed in life? Maybe you are, but are you also doing it subconsciously? Have your heard about this special technique on how to get success from a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? It’s about how to alter oneself to always think positively and develop […]

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The Best Chest Workout Routine For A Massive Chest

I’m doing my chest workout routine today. Seems people either love these days at the gym, or absolutely hate them! Either way, a big massive chest gets respect, it’s a great symbol of strength, and it’s a highly valued attribute all bodybuilders wants to perfect. Below I’ll show a chest program I bet you’ll love (called the Critical Bench […]

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Does the idea of having to fly leave you absolutely terrified? Don’t worry, it is a very common problem and happens to many people. However, a certain “TAKEOFF program” and these simple steps can help you to get rid of your fear of flying. 1. Step onto the Air Plane with knowledge: Anxiety thrives on […]

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Staying Warm for Winter Running

Running outdoors beats slogging away on a treadmill down at the gym. Hands down. Every time. You get to enjoy the scenery as you run along paths and trails, thus avoiding the boredom factor of staring at endless music videos, or worse, your own reflection in the mirror. But running over the winter presents a […]

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Refocusing on my fitness and vital values…

I’ve just stuffed my face with the biggest brown piece of heaven you’ve ever seen. As if there was no tomorrow. And I feel sick. Yup, I’ve sucked down a big plate of chocolate and I’m in the middle of a sugar rush. Just waiting for the drop and the drowsiness to kick in. No […]

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PRE-launch for a new company called Jeunesse

Higher income, better fitness, closer relationships and funnier adventures is exactly what I want you to get from reading this blog. I truly believe that when you know what factors are needed to generate a certain result, the only thing you need… …is to make the choice to go for it and not stop until […]

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herbalife reviews

The REAL Truth About Herbalife Reviews!

Herbalife reviews online are a dime a dozen. Sadly, lots of the reviewers make a disservice to themselves (and their audience) when talking about possibilities of “extraordinary” health and wealth! Typical reviewers usually throw a bunch of dry and mundane information at you, either about the Herbalife products or the Herbalife home based business opportunity. Yup, when searching […]

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weight loss journey

Tips To Begin Your Weight Loss Journey…

So it’s a new year, 2015, and you made the promise to lose some weight. Getting started on a weight loss journey can be tricky… Many articles recommend dieting and just about as many discourage it. Exercise is a widely accepted method of weight loss, but where do you start, and what kind of exercising is appropriate? Are you ready to […]

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Parents Accepting Obesity As Being The New Norm

I believe that beauty is more than flesh. Truly it is, and from where I’m sitting right now, in a dining area at the local aqua park, I’m reminded that flesh can be dang ugly too. I mean, it’s one thing to let yourself go “just a little bit” at certain times in life when […]

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